How to Search for Pharmacies by Region

You can go to our Pharmacies Map page to browse the map of all pharmacies on our site. There you can zoom into any area and easily see the nearest pharmacies. There is also a button to share your location to locate the nearest pharmacy.

However, if you want to check for nearby pharmacies through the address (instead of map) then you can read further.

All of the pharmacies in our list have their postal code listed, to make it easy to filter down the pharmacies by geographic area.

The Canadian postal code system classifies every area with a little difference in the first few characters of the postal code. Basically, what this means (without getting into detail about the postal system!), is that you only need to know the first 2 characters of the postal code for the area you want to search for and that will show you the pharmacies in that region. If you want to become an expert and refine your regional searches, you can read the information below from Canada Post.

Postal Code Information

Postal Code Map and Location Tool
Canada Post - Postal Code Lookup Tool
Canada Post - Postal Code System Information